[Development] Qt infra "weekly" report

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Wed Jan 23 11:12:32 CET 2019


State of the CI

  *   Currently all OK again. We had issues with Coin update breaking the code that re-runs flaky tests, but that was caught and fixed. Then we also had Google changing the way Android’s SDK manager is used, so we had to create a patch for all branches. 5.12 is at the time of writing fixed, and dev is being built currently.
  *   The SSDs were installed in the Compellent, so we can proceed with a few minor changes we had planned. Now we shouldn’t have to use the excuse that we run out of disk space as long as we grow the disks on the servers 😊
  *   Last evening we moved the third big set of infra over to the new firewall. After a few hours of down time the new firewall picked up the load. This is visible to the users in such a way that our public IP address changed for those under the new firewall.

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