[Development] Proposal: New branch model

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Thu Jan 24 15:15:06 CET 2019

Kari Oikarinen (24 January 2019 15:02)
> The rest of the paragraph talks about a situation where we will have two stable
> branches alive at the same time. Typically we don't, because once 5.x+1 is
> created, 5.x is closed.

Not quite: once 5.x+1 is *released*, 5.x (if not LTS) is closed
(unless we have a pressing reason to release another 5.x.y).
So, in the interval between 5.x+1 branching and releasing,
we have three branches.

> But 5.12 is an LTS version, so it will still stay open.


> But at what point (under current process) would be switch it to cherry-pick only
> mode? I don't remember when it happened for 5.9. It could be when 5.13 is
> created and then there would be no release blocked by waiting for a merge.

We switch to cherry-picking into 5.12 when 5.14 is created.
See QUIP-5,
* https://quips-qt-io.herokuapp.com/quip-0005.html

So creation of 5.14 switches our merge pattern from 5.12->5.13->dev
to 5.13->5.14->dev and the 5.14 release (probably) closes 5.13.
Again, we could of course change that.


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