[Development] Allow to do parallel integration (was: Proposal: New branch model)

Jedrzej Nowacki Jedrzej.Nowacki at qt.io
Wed Jan 30 11:08:16 CET 2019

On Wednesday, January 30, 2019 10:41:02 AM CET Jedrzej Nowacki wrote:
> Cheap (a.k.a reasonably fast to implement) proposal:
> - Stage button would create a stage branch as currently (through cherry-pick
 on top of target branch)
> - 3-5 minutes old stage branch would changed to be a build branche and all 
> patches in it would be changed to "integrating" state. CI would start
> testing the build branch. At that time a new stage branch may be created.
> As opposite to now, multiple build branches may be tested in parallel.
> - Once a build branch testing passed we cherry-pick / merges (depends what 
> gerrit does) changes on top of the target branch, in case of conflicts we
> mark it as failed.

Mårten pointed out that we can check for conflicts up front. Not only against 
HEAD of the target branch, but also against all build branches. That is even 
nicer as there is no need to start a job that would likely to be rejected at 
the end.


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