[Development] Allow to do parallel integration (was: Proposal: New branch model)

Allan Jensen Allan.Jensen at qt.io
Wed Jan 30 11:48:40 CET 2019

On Wednesday, 30 January 2019 11:19:07 CET Edward Welbourne wrote:
> Jedrzej Nowacki (30 January 2019 11:08)
> > MÃ¥rten pointed out that we can check for conflicts up front. Not only
> > against HEAD of the target branch, but also against all build branches.
> > That is even nicer as there is no need to start a job that would likely
> > to be rejected at the end.
> That'll only find VC-level conflicts.
> It's no help in finding the kinds of breakage that only testing reveals.
> It'll also sometimes lead to rejecting a change needlessly, because the
> already-integrating branch it conflicts with is about to fail its testing.
> Still, I guess restaging a little later can fix that ...
We could do speculative merging. Guess if the previous commit will merge on 
not, and stage the following commit based on that guess. Or stage two versions 
of the next commit, one for success of the previous and one for failure. That 
latter would use 3x the VMs for 2x the throughput.


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