[Development] Oslo, we have a problem</apollo 13> [char8_t]

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Jul 8 02:01:58 CEST 2019

On Sunday, 7 July 2019 14:21:13 -03 Giuseppe D'Angelo via Development wrote:
> Of course there's plenty of other APIs that instead will need a
> resolution... just to name one: QString::fromUtf8.

A QString::fromUtf8(const char8_t (&)[N]) function can use the faster, non-
checking version of the UTF-8 decoder.

Not sure it's worth the code size to add it in the first place. The code is 
there in template form (QUtf8Functions::fromUtf8, with Traits::isTrusted = 

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