[Development] char8_t summary?

Bernhard Lindner private at bernhard-lindner.de
Fri Jul 12 08:57:14 CEST 2019

> please, if it can be avoided, don't add yet another string-related class to Qt. Knowing
> when to properly use QString, QByteArray, QLatin1String, QStringLiteral, QStringRef and
> QStringView (I may have missed a few) is already a challenge. And I imagine for people
> new to Qt it can even be a strong deterrent (after all, strings are something you tend
> to use even in a simple Hello World - the first app most people see or write in a new
> language/ framework).

I totally agree.

Maybe this helps (I could not find such a document):

Best Regards,
Bernhard Lindner

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