[Development] Deprecation/removal model going into Qt 6

Volker Hilsheimer volker.hilsheimer at qt.io
Sun Jun 2 11:50:35 CEST 2019

> On 1 Jun 2019, at 16:12, Alberto Mardegan <mardy at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> On 5/31/19 4:24 PM, Volker Hilsheimer wrote:
>> Nobody is forced to move to Qt 6 right away; Qt 5.15 is an LTS with
>> three years maintenance. We are not expecting lots of people to jump
>> on Qt 6.0 anyway (because .0, and not an LTS release anyway), so when
>> an API was marked as deprecated makes perhaps not that much
>> difference “in real time”.
> Three years is not a lot of time when moving between major releases. It
> would be nice if the last LTS release in a major release series were
> supported for a longer time (5 years?).
> Ciao,
>  Alberto

How long did it take y’all to move from Qt 4.x to Qt 5.x?

The move from Qt 2 to Qt 3, and from Qt 3 to Qt 4, is brought up as examples of bad experiences (but then let’s also consider how terrible Qt would be today if we would still have to drag Qt 2 or Qt 3 concepts around with us). But if the goal for Qt 6 is to be rather comparable to the Qt 4 to Qt 5, how bad would it be?

Of course, milage will vary depending on the nature and size of your codebase, and I’m sure my colleagues in The Qt Company sales would be happy to discuss support options, when the time comes.


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