[Development] Configure command lines of official Qt releases

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Wed Jun 5 14:52:08 CEST 2019

Yes, don't use the ones from this packaging-tools/bld_config thing. That's outdated and certainly not used for Qt 5 releases today.

Regarding -R . : This specifies the rpath as a relative path, which enables qmake to use origin rpaths (or equivalents on macos) instead of absolute paths, plus the relative path specified (but as that's a dot it's a noop).

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Subject: Re: [Development] Configure command lines of official Qt releases

> Excellent yes. That was a recent addition to the installer framework,
> very useful for exactly that purpose.

Thanks for _all_ replies! Actually, the configure command line in the COIN
logs differs from
so I rather used the ones from the COIN logs.

Could somebody explain why the Linux release explicitly specifies "-R ." as
configure option? I have never seen that being used before.

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