[Development] Proposing CMake as build tool for Qt 6

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Thu Jun 6 15:41:57 CEST 2019


I believe the code signing part is covered by existing CMake xcode support, as it is also for macOS.

The support for fat binaries is something I don't have hands-on experience, but the upstream documentation suggests support for it on macOS, iOS, etc.:


This appears to result in multiple -arch parameters on the command line when calling the compiler.

I'd love to learn more about how fat binaries can be implemented and if the above is the right direction or if a completely different approach is needed.

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Sorry, but the iOS should be properly supported before making the final decision.
Building something on macOS is easy, building smth for iOS is harder. From the top of my head it is code signing and building "fat" binaries that should be tested as a proof of concept.

Иван Комиссаров

6 июня 2019 г., в 15:23, Simon Hausmann <Simon.Hausmann at qt.io<mailto:Simon.Hausmann at qt.io>> написал(а):


Regarding PCH, it seems that right now it would be easiest to include something like https://github.com/sakra/cotire . Patches are welcome to integrate this or alternatively work with upstream CMake for a built-in solution.

Regarding iOS/tvOS/watchOS, my understanding is that CMake upstream has landed basic support from a toolchain perspective and welcomes contributions to make it better. I understand that Alexandru has been playing with making a Qt build with it and supplying third-party libraries via vcpkg, but I think that's nothing beyond the scope of experiments. So similarly here, contributions are welcome :)

Those two aspects are also a driver for increasing the visiblity of the CMake port, in order to invite contributors to help. Yet I feel that they don't represent show-stoppers from a decision making point of view. I'm confident that if others in the C++ community are able to build apps for iOS with CMake, then we will also be able to build Qt for it.


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În ziua de joi, 6 iunie 2019, la 14:45:14 EEST, Simon Hausmann a scris:
> Hi,
> In the past months we, some developers from the Qt Company and KDAB,
> have made good progress on the port of Qt to use CMake as build tool.
> Since the initial prototype, the port has advanced very well and its
> current state can be summarized roughly like this:
>     * Builds on
>       * Windows (desktop)
>       * macOS
>       * Linux (desktop and embedded)
>       * Android (running not tested yet)

Any news about iOS/tvOS/watchOS and PCH?


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