[Development] Qt 5 types under consideration for deprecation / removal in Qt 6

Matthew Woehlke mwoehlke.floss at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 21:43:12 CEST 2019

On 11/06/2019 15.35, Danila Malyutin wrote:
> вт, 11 июн. 2019 г. в 22:22, Matthew Woehlke:
>> On 04/06/2019 16.41, Mutz, Marc via Development wrote:
>>> How do you intend to address the problem that QHash/QMap are all but
>>> unusable in C++11 ranged for loops, because of decltype(*it)?
>> The converse (always having to write `.second`, not to mention the
>> *name* "second") has its own annoyances.
> You don't have to write that:
> for (const auto &[key, value] : m)

...and if I don't use `key`?

I expect we'll *eventually* solve the problem of partial deconstruction,
but that won't be for some years, and it will be many more years before
I can use it in my own code (which, for perspective, as of today still
must support GCC 4.8).

Meanwhile I can't even write the above (and some flavor of unused-local
annotation) for some years yet.


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