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QtQuick 2 is not required for using WebEngine and there is support for software rendering. The existing Qt Creator integration as well as the proposed patch to Qt Assistant to use Web Engine is using the widgets integration.

To put it to a test, I just installed a fresh Windows 10 in VirtualBox on my Linux Box, installed VS, Qt Creator and Qt 5.13 and compiled the web engine widgets simple browser example. It built and ran out of the box inside the virtual machine and I could browser qt.io and doc.qt.io.

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Here's a third question:

On 24/06/2019 11:42, Palaraja, Kavindra wrote:
> Two further questions:
> * What exactly is so big about WebEngine? What is this size that many are hinting at but won't provide the number?
> * Doesn't WebEngine have a feature where you can completely lock it out of the Internet?

Does using QtWebEngine still mean firing QQ2 under the hood and the
subsequent OpenGL integration? That's known to be extremely flaky (and
one of the reasons why Qt Creator dropped QQ2 for its welcome screen),

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