[Development] HTML5/CSS vs Qt QML and QtCreator / Assistant

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at qt.io
Fri Jun 28 11:32:43 CEST 2019


Some of you might have been familiar with white papers such as Qt QML v HTML5 – a practical comparison<http://dforeman.cs.binghamton.edu/~foreman/360new/examples/Using%20QT4/WHITEPAPER_HTML5vQML.pdf>.

Qt Creator already ships with QML support, why not transform the HTML offline documentation into QML?
Does it have to be HTML5/CSS?

Having the documentation as QML will have no additional constrains for Qt Creator. No 76MiB Qt5WebEngineCore.dll file, no memory increase, no startup penalty.

QML is supported on all platforms, right? Builds with MinGW on Windows, and so on.

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