[Development] CMake branch

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Fri Mar 22 09:58:33 CET 2019

Am 21.03.19 um 15:54 schrieb Tobias Hunger:
> My idea was to ask for merging wip/cmake after
> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-73925 (aka. "milestone 1"). At that point
> the branch would be in a state where people can work on Qt (for certain
> platforms) using cmake and do drive-by-contributions to cmake. Right now it is
> more like working on CMake for Qt and doing drive-by-contributions to Qt:-)
>> By doing the cmake work in a separate branch, we are keeping this hidden from
>> everyone else. That was the right thing to do while we didn’t know if we want
>> to go with it and what the structural implications of this change will be, but
>> now we know, and it’s time to move this work into the mainline.
> We have no decision from the Qt project yet. Submitting a patch for review and
> getting that accepted would be such a decision:-) For this reason alone I would
> very much welcome this proposal -- *if* we get volunteers to help with keeping
> cmake up-to-date with qmake.
> The wip/cmake branch is currently behind qt5/dev and we need to update it. So if
> the Qt project decides to litter qtbase with CMakeLists.txt files ASAP, then we
> will still need a while to send the actual patch for review.

Tobias' last paragraph is key here. For this proposal to be implemented, 
a merge of wip/cmake with dev needs to be done, regardless. That works 
needs to be done first. We need help.

I like the overall idea of trying this out in dev - we should dare to do 
this. If it doesn't work out and it slows everything down, then we can 
still go back and branch off of dev. If it works out as planned and 
yields more contributions, then we win. I think earlier last year we 
never considered this even, but today the quality of the .pro file 
converter has made this a possibility worth trying.

It might be though that completing milestone 1 (QTBUG-73925) presents a 
more sensible point of convergence where we could bring this into dev. 
Mikhail, Jesus, what do you think?


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