[Development] Does iMX6 support EGL on X11 feature?

Denis Shienkov denis.shienkov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 20:02:24 CET 2019


Yes, but Qt Quick has not any good plotting library (as my app draw 
"real-time" curves). QtCharts in not an option. :)

I thought that maybe I could use the OpenGL widget in QtWidgets app to 
render a curves there (e.g. with Qwt). But in this case I need in the 
working OpenGL on X11 (which is not exists).

22.03.2019 21:29, Alexander Nassian пишет:
> Then you should go with EGL and QtQuick if you want to utilize the GPU. X11 is mostly a horrible idea on embedded systems (and in general too if you would ask me). Widgets are drawn by the CPU as far as I know.
> Beste Grüße / Best regards,
> Alexander Nassian
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