[Development] Jira changes going forward

Paul Wicking Paul.Wicking at qt.io
Thu Mar 28 11:08:27 CET 2019

Hi everybody,

it's been a while since the last update[0] about the changes in Jira 
going forward. As discussed in the review on Gerrit[1] and during last 
year's contributors summit [2], the plan is to automate handling of Jira 
issues in the Need More Information (NMI) state.

The automation rules have been defined and tested, and are now ready to 
be deployed in production. To avoid major disruption in the event there 
are corner cases not covered during testing, we will enable the 
automation rules on the QTQAINFRA project only at first. This happens 
this afternoon (CET), and affects 26 issues. Any issue in said project 
that transitions to the NMI state going forward, will automatically be 

In brief: issues that stay in the NMI state for more than 2 weeks 
without activity will receive an automatic comment as a reminder that 
the issue cannot be resolved without further information. If yet another 
2 weeks pass without new activity, the issue will transition to closed 
state with an automatic comment that explains why the issue was closed.

For more information about how the automation rules are defined, refer 
to the NMI handling section on the Jira tips and tricks wiki page [3]. 
Please direct complaints and any other concerns to the Jira 
administration email list (jira-admin at qt-project.org).

Best wishes for a productive day,



[1] https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/225694/

[2] https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_contributors_summit_2018_Program


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