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Mikhail Svetkin mikhail.svetkin at gmail.com
Thu May 16 22:43:36 CEST 2019

Yes, you are right. range-v3 library is c++14 compatibly.

std::span introduced in c++20.

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On Thu, 16 May 2019 at 22:29, Иван Комиссаров <abbapoh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Correct me if I’m wrong, but gsl::span (or an array_view) conforms (one
> of) the ranges concept, i.e. it *is* a range.
> No need to wait for c++20 =)
> > 16 мая 2019 г., в 22:23, Mikhail Svetkin <mikhail.svetkin at gmail.com>
> написал(а):
> >
> > If we will return a range (C++20 accepted ranges) then we can provide
> better integration with other world and we will pay for implicit shared
> only when we need it.
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