[Development] Nominating Mikhail Svetkin for Approver status

Timur Pocheptsov timur.pocheptsov at qt.io
Mon May 20 12:42:19 CEST 2019

+1 from me as well.

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I’d like to nominate Mikhail Svetkin for Approver status. He’s been an active contributor since March 2018, working on C++11’ifying Qt, contributing to core QPA, network code, the QtHttpServer labs project, and right now the integration of changes for RTEMS into qtbase.

He’s also been actively helping others with reviews, and does so in a professional, respectful, and constructive way that complies with the Code of Conduct.

Here’s the list of changes under his current Gerrit account:


and a list of changes where he has been reviewing:


Disclaimer: I’m sitting a few offices away from Mikhail in The Qt Company office in Oslo, and am also his line manager.


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