[Development] What's the status of a moved-from object?

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I don't think our users should have to use a build of Qt that has its internal Q_ASSERTs enabled. IMHO Q_ASSERT should be used by developers in Qt to express invariants that, if violated, represent a bug in Qt that needs fixing. I don't think we should use Q_ASSERT to communicate anything to our users - it's a poor interface because it either isn't reliable (-release build not enabling it) or hard to understand (debugger usage).


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Il 23/05/19 09:36, Simon Hausmann ha scritto:
> I think a well-formed state is more likely to enable our users to have a
> productive time. Operating - by accident - on a partially-formed object
> and either
>      (1) seeing a back-trace that points into Qt, not my application code
>      (2) spending time in the debugger stepping through Qt code
> is IMHO a direction that we should avoid.

To nitpick, in the proposed scenario, (2) shouldn't ever happen. In such
a scenario, the d-pointer checks would be replaced by something like
Q_ASSERT_X(d_ptr, "This object has been moved from"), which would fire
in a debug build of Qt. (1) is a bit more tricky as it wouldn't be
obvious at all what the problem is, although again, a debug build would
identify it immediately.

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