[Development] Nominating Cristian Adam as approver

Alessandro Portale Alessandro.Portale at qt.io
Fri Nov 8 21:35:20 CET 2019


I like to propose Cristian Adam as an approver.

Cristian has been around Qt (and Qt Creator) for what feels like a decade,  contributing and inspiring, professionally and privately.

Half a Year ago, he finally joined The Qt Company and used his chance to live out some of his (may I say...) oddish passions. He created the CMake-based build system for Qt Creator (based on Tobias' initial work). He participated in creating the CMake-based build system for Qt 6, focussing on the less popular toolchain/OS constellations.
Yes, he loves, for example, to build Qt and Qt Creator with clang using MinGW headers/libs and ccache. On Windows.

He troubleshot some QNX/CMake issues and added multi-abi support with CMake to Qt for Android.

Qt Commits:
Blog posts:

There is more. Much of his time with us, he spent on adding features upstream to CMake which we thought were missing in Qt's future build tool: PCH support, Unity/Jumbo builds, etc.. CMake users outside Qt's ecosystem are certainly also happy.

CMake Commits:

Mandatory disclaimer: We work in the same team and he lets me win in Kicker/Foosball.

Best regards,

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