[Development] RFC: Defaulting to or enforcing UTF-8 locales on Unix systems

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sun Nov 17 21:45:12 CET 2019

On Sunday, 17 November 2019 13:19:27 CET Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Please be warned that C.UTF-8 is a recent introduction. (Has upstream glibc
> even accepted it yet?) So setting the locale to C.UTF-8 will produce warning
> spam or even fatal errors (depending on the application) on many older
> distributions and possibly even on some current ones. (E.g., Fedora has
> introduced this in Fedora 24 and in updates to Fedora 22 and 23. I don't
> know whether this was backported to RHEL releases up to RHEL 7. RHEL 8 has
> probably inherited it from recent Fedora, at least.)

Given that Fedora 31 is current, Fedora 24 is 3 years old. It's probably old 

And Python sets LANG to it if the environment is unset.

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