[Development] QtCS19 Notes: Remote display of Qt applications in Qt 6

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Thu Nov 21 08:49:23 CET 2019


Following the notes taken on the remote display session:

	- Qt5 has webgl and vnc
	- Use-case duplicate displays
		○ One local
		○ One remote
	- TQtC Hackathon project
		○ Stream the scene graph to another machine
	- Multi seat is problematic
		○ Affect all current solutions
		○ However, part of Wayland protocol
	- Option: Being able to have multiple QPA backends at the same time
	- use-cases
		○ Remote mirror
		○ Multiple displays
		○ Virtual Keyboard and physical keyboard at the same time
		○ …
		○ Need to stay focused
	- Current understanding is that this is not 6.0 content
		○ WebGL etc might not be ready within timeframe
	- "Multiplexing QPA" does help to shift any work beyond 6.0 and stay compatible with current API
	- Again, multiple inputs should be handled via wayland
		○ Moved details to be discussed to wayland session
	- Proposal is to fix this based on specific project and not try to aim at an swiss army knife right from the beginning
	- While it is not part of current 6.0 plans, we should try to get the basics available
		○ Enable multiple inputs (keyboards, cursors, …)
	- Where to draw a line?
		○ Multiple cursors displayed?...
	- Anything else but wayland?
		○ X11 tried this, but never got around to have something to be used
		○ Are there any other options? No one knows…
	- Proposal Paul:
		○ QPA API as a start
		○ Then merges events to the application
	- Action Points:
		○ How and who drives multi seat?
		○ Need to get started with a pilot project based on Wayland
		○ Multiplex solution seems most viable
		○ Get user story in JIRA

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