[Development] QTCS2019 Notes from QtQml session

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Fri Nov 22 11:52:13 CET 2019


 > these are the notes on the QtQml session:

 > Versioning
 > ----------
 > Once we get rid of unqualified lookups we don't need any QML versioning
 > anymore. At least the minor version will become optional already in 5.15
 > for well-behaved QML documents. In QML 3 it won't be allowed.

While I agree with this overall, there's still one caveat which I 
haven't seen discussed yet:

Imagine I have the following code:

Item {
     id: foo
     property color prettyColor: "#f0f"

     Rectangle {
         color: foo.prettyColor

Right now "foo" refers to the Item. What if in a future update, 
Rectangle gains a new property "foo". Unless you want to force everyone 
to be explicit by using "this" (e.g. width: this.height) everywhere, 
which would be annoying, I don't see how this can be made future-proof 
without some form of versioning or some other magic solution?

Kai Uwe

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