[Development] QtCS19 Notes: Qt 6 Network Overview

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Mon Nov 25 20:23:55 CET 2019

> 	- Removing QFTP
> 		โ—‹ This is about QFTP backend in QNetworkAccessManager
> 		โ—‹ There are still public users, but how many?
> 		โ—‹ Proposal: Disable it in 6.0 and check for amount of complaints
> 			ยง If limited (as expected) remove in 6.2 completely

If Qt removes QFTP, could Qt provide a "scp" implementation? Maybe regardless of QFTP, scp would still be a "Good Thing(tm)".
Ideally, this would be transparently supported in QUrls too: image.source = "scp://server/file.png"
I can't seem to find a consolidated list of url schemes that Qt supports? QNAM::supportedSchemes gives: ("ftp", "file", "qrc", "http", "https", "data")

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