[Development] QTCS2019 Notes from QtQml session

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Tue Nov 26 11:48:03 CET 2019

On 26/11/2019 08:56, Ulf Hermann wrote:
>> We have some code that evaluates JS in custom QQmlContexts with certain
>> "magic" context properties set (sort of like the "index" or "modelData"
>> context properties in delegates like Repeater.delegate).
>> Will something similar still be possible?
> You should rephrase that as required properties on actual objects. Then
> the magic won't work anymore and you'll have to look up the properties
> by ID of the object, but that is a good thing. It will improve
> re-usability of your components.
Lookup by ID? You mean set the object name like you did in your example 
in your talk at QtWS? I protested then, and I will protest now again. 
Don't. Really: don't. If you are talking about re-usability and 
maintainability of your code elsewhere, then advocating this practice is 
really wrong. You need to layer your QML on top of an API provided by 
C++, not poke into your QML from C++.
> We're also changing the way views and delegate work. If you want to use
> the "index" in a Repeater's delegate you'll have to declare that in QML
> 3, using a required property:
> Repeater {
>       model: 10
>       Text {
>           required property int index
>           text: "item " + index
>       }
> }

I really, really dislike this change. It looks even more like magic than 
what we have today. By all means deprecate/get rid off looking up 
without using `model.` in front of index, but what you write there 
really looks like magic. It is totally unclear who is setting a property 
(required or not) if you just declare it. This introduces more magic 
instead of less, and would IMO lead to more knowledge required in on the 
C++ side about the QML side of the application, where I just argued 
above that that leads to bad practice.


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