[Development] QtCS19 Notes: Qt 6 Network Overview

Mårten Nordheim marten.nordheim at qt.io
Tue Nov 26 14:08:53 CET 2019

On 26.11.2019 13:54, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
> What about an elephant in the room, i.e. HTTP/3? Will it be implemented anytime soon?

Given the size and requirements of QUIC (and http3) we plan to wait for 
it to stabilize and get closer to release, then we can consider 
3rd-party libraries to implement an internal (at least for QUIC v1 IMO) 
"QQuicSocket" of sorts (glorious name). Then HTTP/3 would be on-top of 
that or through a library as well.
If we cannot find a suitable library we'll have to make one ourselves. 
So no plans for an implementation "soon", it will depend on the outside 
world. I would rather we be a little late to the game than have a flawed 
API for the lifetime of Qt 6 :)


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