[Development] QTCS2019 Notes from QtQml session

Uwe Rathmann Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de
Tue Nov 26 14:57:24 CET 2019

On 11/26/19 12:35 PM, Olivier Goffart wrote:

> "QML Strict is as subset of QML which is more maintainable and
> performs better"

Isn't it that way:

QML is for convenience but expensive. C++ is often less convenient but
with better performance and lower memory footprint. QML Strict is a
compromise - something in between.

Then people can make a conscious decision, what is the right choice for
their situation.

IMHO being honest about what is what makes more sense, than how it was
f.e. done with QC2. That was sold as something specific for embedded but
actually it was about replacing QML by C++ code to get around
performance issues.

My 2 cents,

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