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Arnaud Clère arnaud.clere at moulinarso.fr
Thu Nov 28 13:25:07 CET 2019

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From: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com>
> Would it make sense if this API were not in QtCore?
> Then we could give it a try and see how many people think it's useful, what its pitfalls are, etc.

Yes, it is possible and it perfectly makes sense. It does not have to
wait for Qt6 too.

It only implies to duplicate a CBOR stream writer but the new one
would have the opportunity to distinct
QByteArray containing binary data from those explicitly containing
utf8 data for better performance.
The existing QCborStreamReader can be used from the outside as
performance is not so critical for reading.

At one point, my longer term goal of providing a structured logging
facility compatible with QDebug could
bring back the subject to move a few things back to QtCore but maybe not.

How do I proceed? I guess I need to ask for a specific repo as described here:

Name: QtDataTransforms ?

QtDataTransforms long-term goal is to make it easy to move data
to/from specific Qt modules based on a
common JSON-like data model made of sequences, records, and basic data
types. It defines a default view of
most Qt types following their equivalent QML definitions. It is
designed to support all of JSON and CBOR formats,
as well as in-memory data structures like QJsonValue, QCborValue or
QVariantList/Map. It aims to support more
elaborate data models such as CSV, XML, and QAbstractItemModel using
optional metadata to allow, for instance,
reading a CSV file to a TableView in a single line of code, writing a
TreeView in XML format, etc.

Responsible persons: me and/or ? Who would be reviewing it?
Desired repository name: qtdatatransforms ?
Namespace: QtDataTransforms ? Is it possible to keep a few things in
Qt namespace ?


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