[Development] Any history on why "qtmultimedia5-private-dev" was removed.

Paul Knopf pauldotknopf at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 08:43:01 CET 2019

I'm working on getting Debian 10 working for my Linux appliance/device and
our GUI uses Qt.

Specifically, it uses "CONFIG+=multimedia-private".

There seems to be a bunch of private Qt headers in the official repos, but
non for qtmultimedia5.

There looks to be history of "qtmultimedia5-private-dev", but it doesn't
exist anywhere anymore.

I found this:

  * Remove package qtmultimedia5-private-dev. Nothing in the Qt stack seems
    be using it. Can be reintroduced later if needed.
    - Remove associated install file.
    - Remove the files from debian/tmp before installing the packages.

Can anyone provide me with some context?
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