[Development] Coming up: Coin production update

Aapo Keskimölö aapo.keskimolo at qt.io
Thu Oct 17 14:09:25 CEST 2019

The coin production baseline update has been reverted back to the 
previous state 1.1 since the QEMU targets were broken in multiple branches.

New attempt will be scheduled for next week.

On 10/16/19 1:40 PM, Aapo Keskimolo wrote:
> Hi Qt Developers,
> We are preparing for Coin production update to baseline version 1.2.0 
> which will contain a major change that will force all builds to 
> compile their test binaries during build phase by default - unless 
> they are static builds because those test binaries would be too large 
> to be saved.
> This will require clearing up the entire old storage and with its old 
> artifacts, which means that there might be some delay due to dropping 
> the Coin storage cache. As a benefit, however, this the feature allows 
> us to save the compiled test binaries in storage and uploads them to a 
> VM during test phase resulting in time savings for repeated/flaky test 
> runs that would always re-compile test binaries. Now they will be reused.
> The production update is scheduled for tomorrow (Eastern European 
> Summer Time) starting at
>  Thu Oct 17 12:00-
> Since we have no standard way of building and running tests for qt 
> products, we were forced to hack around the modules that were copying 
> symlinks, requiring setting linker paths and other quirky stuff. There 
> might be some minor breakages to single module builds or qt5 but most 
> of them should be covered by now.
> Best of luck,
> Aapo Keskimölö - Coin maintainer

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