[Development] The age-old T* foo vs. T *foo

Ville Voutilainen ville.voutilainen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 20:04:36 CEST 2019

Since we are about to do a major version upgrade, should be stop being
a special snowflake in the C++ world and start attaching pointer-stars
and reference-ampersands to the type instead of to the variable?

As a quick example of how our current style is just odd, consider

for (auto &&x : oink)

Sure, that's in accordance with our style. It looks very out of place when
coming back to our code after adventures in other code. Quick reading
of it tends to suggest that it's a by-value thing since quick eyes see
auto without any decorations.

I don't expect the transition, should we agree to have it, to be easy
for people accustomed to the Qt style. I also don't have any sort of numbers
about whether our style is used elsewhere. In contrast, people with lots
of exposure to non-Qt style tend to have to fight ours, it just doesn't come

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