[Development] Issues with QFormBuilder - All properties modified & Invalid UI

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Tue Oct 29 11:00:13 CET 2019

Il 29/10/19 10:55, Volker Hilsheimer ha scritto:
> But that’s why QWidget::x is read only, and why QWidget::pos is read/writeable, but flagged as “STORED false” in the metaobject (meaning that it’s just a view on some other property, not backed by its own data member).

And there you have it: QFormBuilder mustn't save non-STORED properties. 
If it does, it's a bug. And if we have some widget with interlinked 
properties that are not clearly marked as non-STORED, or refactored to 
be grouped together in a proper datatype, that's another bug.

> Q(Abstract)FormBuilder doesn’t promise idempotence though, so extending the documentation to state that there’s no guarantee that loading the resulting .ui file will produce an identical GUI, and that the .ui file likely requires post-processing, seems to be the correct fix here.

Then I fail to see the usefulness of QFormBuilder apart from being minor 
convenience, and therefore it should be overall deprecated.

My 2 c,
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