[Development] [Gerrit-admin] Cherry-pick mode for 5.12

Kari Oikarinen kari.oikarinen at qt.io
Mon Sep 2 15:31:33 CEST 2019

On 2.9.2019 16.27, Edward Welbourne wrote:
> On 2.9.2019 15.23, Lars Knoll wrote:
>>> According to QUIP-5
>>> (http://quips-qt-io.herokuapp.com/quip-0005.html), we should move the
>>> 5.12 branch into cherry-pick mode now that we have created the 5.14
>>> branch.
>>> Gerrit admins, could you please do the required changes in gerrit and
>>> for the sanity bot? Let’s do one final down-merge of 5.12 to 5.13
>>> once that’s done.
> Kari Oikarinen (2 September 2019 15:13) replied:
>> Sanity bot should now recognize 5.12 as an LTS branch and not complain
>> about cherry-picks there.
> ... and complain about non-cherry-picks there.
> (It's just done so to me, for a change that was already underway.)
> 	Eddy.

True, it's an awkward transition period. But you can of course override the
bot's verdict. As long as the change gets in before the final merge.

As soon as the risk of missing the merge is high, the bot is actually right and
it's better to retarget to 5.13.


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