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Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
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Documentation is the authorative source. It is maintained and checked for each Qt release. We should make sure the platform notes are correct and complete. Misleading information in wiki should be deleted or marked as deprecated. Similar activity has been done to other pages, sometimes we may even want to move items from the wiki to docs. It is fine to have wiki to support, but there is high risk of wiki content to become outdated.



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    Il 20/09/19 07:53, Tuukka Turunen ha scritto:
    > Or remove the wiki entry and make sure platform notes in documentation are in shape?
    > No need for duplicated info on these basic items.
    It's a bigger problem -- the *same* wiki is used for official 
    information (e.g. releasing info; coding guidelines; security policies) 
    as well as for unofficial, community-driven content. Nobody knows the 
    official status of any individual page just by looking at it.
    So now there's information on the wiki AND in the docs about Qt on 
    INTEGRITY, they both appear on Google search results, and of course 
    they're in contradiction with each other (wiki says that Qt on INTEGRITY 
    is community-driven, docs say it's officially supported; wiki does a 
    shared build, docs say only static builds work).
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