[Development] Requesting a module for Qt5 classes that won't be maintained in Qt6

Sona Kurazyan sona.kurazyan at qt.io
Mon Apr 6 15:32:43 CEST 2020

Hi All,

I just wanted to remind everyone, that the Qt5Compat submodule is created and added to the list of submodules of qt5.git on dev branch. If you have something that you think should be moved there, you can create a task for it and already start moving it there.

Right now Qt5Compat has one module called "Core5Compat" for the stuff moved form Qt Core. For the rest of Qt 5 modules a similar naming can be used (e.g. Gui5Compat,Widgets5Compat, etc.).

To clone Qt5Compat, use:

  *   git://code.qt.io/qt/qt5compat.git or
  *   https://code.qt.io/qt/qt5compat.git

Best regards,

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Subject: [Development] Requesting a module for Qt5 classes that won't be maintained in Qt6


Previously there were discussions that we need to have a new module in Qt 6 for the Qt 5 classes that will be no longer maintained in Qt 6.

Here are some candidates to be moved there in Qt 6 (see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-80312):

  *   QLinkedList
  *   QRegExp
  *   QStateMachine
  *   QStringRef
  *   QList
  *   QJsonDocument::fromBinaryData()
The list is not complete or final, feel free to suggest more items that you think will fit there.

So, I would like to request a new module and repository for this.

Name of the repository: qt/qt5compat.git
Description: The module contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs
Responsible person: Sona Kurazyan
Gerrit user/email: sona.kurazyan at qt.io<mailto:sona.kurazyan at qt.io>


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