[Development] A modest proposal: disable lower-case keywords (emit, foreach, forever, signals, slots) by default

Ville Voutilainen ville.voutilainen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 21:16:30 CEST 2020

On Tue, 14 Apr 2020 at 12:31, Lars Knoll <lars.knoll at qt.io> wrote:
> What kind of argument is that? htons as a macro was worth considering, but the ones in Qt are not?
> Fixing the htons macro also "only requires changing one place" in the System C library. You are forgetting, that both changes break a huge amount of user code out there. And Qt’s macros have been around for about just as long (25 years), so they also *long* precede the existence of ISO WG21.

Well, there are multiple C libraries. So it was never just one place
for that particular problem.

However, we should recognize that "could have been as easily fixed on any
day of the past 20+ years" applies 100% as well to those macros.

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