[Development] Circular dependencies for Q_PROPERTY

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the current solution in our repositories is to use the Q_MOC_INCLUDE(X) macro, which causes moc to write an #include X directive in the generated file. This avoids having to do the include in the header (which as you noticed isn't always possible).

We're aware of the issues, and there was some discussion around tooling, but I'm not aware of any outcomes so far.


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I have 2 classes, A and B, derived from QObject, each have a property
of type pointer-to-other-class. So

class A : public QObject {
Q_PROPERTY(B *foo …)


class B : public QObject {
Q_PROPERTY(A *foo …)

Because of the circular dependency, I can’t #include the full class
definition, just do forward declaration.

Now this fails in Qt 6, seems the moc generated code needs the
full class declaration.

Looking at generated moc code, looks like creating the meta object
requires a qt_metaTypeArray<A*, bool> which checks that A derives
from QObject by calling  IsPointerToTypeDerivedFromQObject
which uses sizeof() which requires the full type.

Any way around this? Seems like a rather big regression compared
to Qt 5…


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