[Development] qsizetype and classes working with QStrings or QList

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Thu Aug 27 12:09:19 CEST 2020

Il 25/08/20 07:49, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
>> But how about models? This is an honest question. Does it make sense
>> for tables and lists that big? Note that an item*view* has a purpose
>> of being viewed, so how does one display such a huge list, tree or
>> table?

Giuseppe D'Angelo (25 August 2020 11:58) replied:
> Just another thought -- models may not necessarily used directly with
> views but as data sources for other business logic parts of the
> application (including but not necessarily limited to proxy models).
> Given the underlying data sources are 64-bit capable, such models
> should be as well.

and, at a more brutal level: in the late '90s, I ported a Geographic
Information System to cope with database files > 2GB in size (despite
the fact that the underlying OSen didn't; I had to use a virtual file
system), because we had customers whose datasets were big enough to need
it.  I consequently cannot believe, more than two decades later, that
2GB size limits on containers make sense.  Even if we didn't have a
use-case we could think of, some user out there almost certainly has, or
shall within Qt6's life-time have, such use-cases.

Coding to cope with them gracefully may, of course, require care: but we
must support them.


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