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Tino Pyssysalo tino.pyssysalo at qt.io
Fri Jan 10 13:04:27 CET 2020

Inside The Qt Company, we have identified three values of the marketplace to the developer.

1. To get products in one single location. Currently, most of the products are from inqlude.org
and KDE framework + from a couple of our vendors. There are new contributions from vendors
all the time, so the product base is growing. Hopefully, we have more our own products in the marketplace

However, I agree with you that this alone is not very valuable to the developer.

2. Contributions in the marketplace are validated by Qt. Right now, we test them rather randomly,
but the goal is to add them part of our automated testing as well.

3. Source builds. Our goal from the beginning was to have similar UX to Visual Studio Code to build
products from the sources. The development is in progress and the plan is to release  Marketplace 2.0 in May.

At the high level, the idea is the following:
- Developers browse Marketplace products in Qt Creator or directly in Marketplace. Selecting a product in Qt Creator launches the marketplace, where the product description is shown.
- Developer picks up one or more products. Marketplace handles the payments if any.
- The product is enabled in the Online Installer. Installer still has an important role in license management, even though it can be used in a headless way from any IDE in the future.
- Product repo contains a Conan recipe. Conan takes care of getting/building the dependencies.
- Product is added to an existing project. The product is built inside the project using one kit to avoid unnecessary builds for targets, not needed.

This is what we have planned to during the next five months.  
Tino Pyssysalo

´╗┐On 10.1.2020, 12.56, "Development on behalf of Alexander Ivash" <development-bounces at qt-project.org on behalf of elderorb at gmail.com> wrote:

    In its current state Qt Marketplace is imho nearly useless - it looks
    like just one more https://inqlude.org/
    What would be much more helpful is not *just* a list of libraries but
    also simple way to install it. Is there any plans to implement package
    manager for Qt Marketplace? Or maybe adopt
    https://github.com/Cutehacks/qpm/ ?
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