[Development] RHI & KDAB's advanced dock widgets wonders

maxzor maxzor at maxzor.eu
Sat Jan 18 20:11:52 CET 2020


I follow closely and contribute to the development of a 
Qt-Graphics-View-based application, https://pgmodeler.io.

1. What is the expected overhaul work to do to adapt a CPU-based 
QPainter application to the coming Qt6 Rendering Hardware Interface,
so as to benefit from GPU acceleration for the QGraphicsView ?
OpenGL work was never tackled for this app, and probably considered a 
bit too low-level.

2. Will the UI/UX work done in KDAB's KDDockWidgets 
<https://www.kdab.com/kddockwidgets/> make it into mainline in a 
foreseeable future?

Best regards, Maxime

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