[Development] New repo as playground for potential "serialization" module?

Kari Oikarinen kari.oikarinen at qt.io
Thu Jan 23 15:07:38 CET 2020

On 6.12.2019 19.36, Arnaud Clère wrote:
> Name: QtDataTransforms ?
> Description:
> QtDataTransforms long-term goal is to make it easy to move data
> to/from specific Qt modules based on a common JSON-like data model
> made of sequences, records, and basic data types. It defines a default
> view of most Qt types following their equivalent QML definitions. It
> is designed to support all of JSON and CBOR formats,
> as well as in-memory data structures like QJsonValue, QCborValue or
> QVariantList/Map. It aims to support more elaborate data models such
> as CSV, XML, and  QAbstractItemModel using optional metadata to allow,
> for instance, reading a CSV file to a TableView in a single line of
> code, writing a TreeView in XML format, etc.
> Responsible persons: me and/or ? Who would be reviewing it?
> Desired repository name: qtdatatransforms ?
> Namespace: QtDataTransforms ? Is it possible to keep a few things in
> Qt namespace ?

Plenty of time has passed and there has been no opposition. However, the
request had a lot of question marks. So I want to verify first.

Is the role of repository clear (to the community) and should I go
forward with creating it?


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