[Development] Requesting a module for Qt5 classes that won't be maintained in Qt6

Sona Kurazyan sona.kurazyan at qt.io
Fri Jan 24 10:29:47 CET 2020


Previously there were discussions that we need to have a new module in Qt 6 for the Qt 5 classes that will be no longer maintained in Qt 6.

Here are some candidates to be moved there in Qt 6 (see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-80312):

  *   QLinkedList
  *   QRegExp
  *   QStateMachine
  *   QStringRef
  *   QList
  *   QJsonDocument::fromBinaryData()

The list is not complete or final, feel free to suggest more items that you think will fit there.

So, I would like to request a new module and repository for this.

Name of the repository: qt/qt5compat.git
Description: The module contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs
Responsible person: Sona Kurazyan
Gerrit user/email: sona.kurazyan at qt.io


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