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Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Mon Jan 27 16:00:34 CET 2020

Hi Ekke,

Currently Qt MQTT is not part of Qt for Device Creator or Application Development product, see: https://www.qt.io/features 

Huge amount of other libraries are included, but unfortunately MQTT is only available as part of the Qt for Automation. 



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    Am 27.01.20 um 15:34 schrieb Lars Knoll:
    > ...
    > The third change is that The Qt Company will in the future also offer a lower priced product for small businesses. That small business product is btw not limited to mobile like the one Digia had some years ago, but covers all of Qt for Device Creation.
    sounds great
    would this per ex enable mobile apps to integrate MQTT ?
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