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Date: Tuesday 28. January 2020 at 13.54
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Subject: [Development] Proposal for dev


We have two things going on in dev right now:

    (1) Quite many changes are going into qtbase right now that change fundamentals, in a very positive way, I'd say. And more changes are scheduled. These typically require follow-up fixes in other repositories, due to use of private API or relying on internals for example.

    (2) We have the dependencies.yaml mechanism in place to allow for those changes to happen in one step instead of three.

The second step is very slow at the moment, for a few reasons. One of them is that there are many modules to take care of. Sometimes breaking changes also overlap, so before all repos have received fixes, a new breaking change lands in qtbase. As a consequence the last time all repositories passed the build and tests together was in the second half of October in the last decade ;-).

I'd like to propose the following change:

    (1) All repositories remain active with their CI and anybody can submit fixes to the code/tests and updates to the dependencies.yaml.

    (2) The automatic update of dependencies.yaml with the subsequent qt5.git update however is reduced to a smaller set of repositories.

    (3) Once the dust has settled a bit in qtbase, we re-add more repositories to the automatic update. This would happen in a concentrated effort and also presents an opportunity to write/polish/improve porting documentation.

The proposal comes down to this change:


I've taken the liberty of producing such a smaller set, but we can of course discuss additions/removals in Gerrit. And just to emphasize again: If a repository is not in this set, it's still CI covered of submitted changes. And I'd encourage anyone doing breaking changes to consider applying fixes to all repositories.

What do you think?


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