[Development] Forgot your Qt Account password?

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Wed Jan 29 15:19:19 CET 2020


Someone apparently created a Qt Account for the development at qt-project.org<mailto:development at qt-project.org> mailing list.

Good idea, but we do want the accounts to be individual.



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Date: Wednesday 29. January 2020 at 16.09
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Subject: Re: [Development] Forgot your Qt Account password?


I haven't requested to reset my Qt Account password. It seems some malicious attempt. Please advise. thank you!

Khuram Ali

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Subject: [Development] Forgot your Qt Account password?

We just received a request to reset the password for your Qt Account.

No worries, you can simply make a new one. Just use the link below within 24 hours.


If you did not make this request, you can ignore this notification. You are welcome to reply to this email to report login issues or share any feedback you might have.

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