[Development] Changes to Qt offering

Mark De Wit mark.dewit at iesve.com
Fri Jan 31 10:46:15 CET 2020

Ah, you are right, thanks for your help.  It turns out, accidentally entering a character in the email field does indeed remove the Skip button, but I spotted the issue for them and was able to guide them through the rest of the installation.


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> The problem must be somewhere else. There are no installer changes in
> production yet.
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> Tino Pyssysalo
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>     > I'm guessing the Qt installer has now been updated in line with the licensing
> changes?
>     >
>     > I've just had the first developer in our team come up to me to complain that
> they can't install Qt.... My usual response of click the skip button appears to no
> longer work.  And no, I'm not going to ask 45 developers in
>     > this company to create Qt accounts, that's a non-starter...
>     >
>     > Mark

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