[Development] Make a decision for asynchronous APIs

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Fri Jan 31 19:39:57 CET 2020

On Freitag, 31. Januar 2020 17:24:20 CET Sona Kurazyan wrote:
> Additionally, there are some discussions about QFuture being a mix between a
> “Task” and a “Future”. One of the options of improving this situation is to
> make a QTask (or QJob) out of the current QFuture. But then the question
> is: should we also support a “classic” QFuture? Is there a value in having
> it, when there are already some very advanced implementations of a future?
As I have expressed earlier I would love the simplified QFuture, just a 
something that can hold the result of an async function, but no runtime 
controls. Just ways to test if the result is ready and to be notified when it 
is, like with a waitForResult blocking method and a signal emitter of some 

I think there are many cases where such an API would be useful.

Best regards

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