[Development] Reminder: Qt Code of Conduct

Andy Shaw andy.shaw at qt.io
Tue Jul 14 11:26:35 CEST 2020


This mail is being posted to all of the mailing lists individually, but not cross-posted because that is an invite to create havoc so for those on multiple mailing lists then I apologise for the fact you will get this more than once.

The Qt Code of Conduct was created and agreed upon back in October 2018 and we have had a lot of new contributors and people joining the Qt community that it is time for a reminder that the Qt Code of Conduct exists and that it is worth refreshing everyone's memory about it. I am happy to say that the communities conduct as a whole is generally positive and aside from issues occasionally things are going in the right direction and this community is a good place to be a part of. That said, it does not hurt to look at the Qt Code of Conduct again, or maybe in some cases for the first time which you can find here:


I would like to add that this email is not an invitation to discuss the content of the Qt Code of Conduct whether you agree with it or not, but merely to remind people that it exists for the benefit of everyone who is part of the Qt community.

The Qt community has been a fundamental aspect of the Qt Project since the beginning, let's keep having a nice and welcoming environment to everyone.

Thank you for your time,

Andy Shaw
The Qt Company

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