[Development] QProperty and library coding guide

Stottlemyer, Brett (B.S.) bstottle at ford.com
Thu Jul 16 14:03:24 CEST 2020

Hi Ulf,

> QProperty is the way to enable QML-style bindings in C++. It gives you a
> powerful way of expressing relations between properties in a succinct
> way. You can assign a binding functor directly to a QProperty. Any
> QProperties the functor accesses are automatically recorded. Whenever
> one of the recorded QProperties changes, the functor is (eventually)
> re-evaluated and the original property is updated. You don't have to
> remember to connect any signals. This is a big step forward as
> connecting all relevant signals to all relevant slots and manually
> re-evaluating everything that depends on any changes adds a lot of error
> prone boiler plate to many projects.

This is a first-heard for me.  Have you thought about how this would work with the Remote Objects module?  I'm worried it would not work well at all...

Is there a helloworld example available so people can get a better handle on what this is doing and how it works?

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