[Development] Switch the main "Qt Build System"

Bogdan Vatra bogdan.vatra at kdab.com
Tue Jun 9 12:07:02 CEST 2020

În ziua de marți, 9 iunie 2020, la 11:13:21 EEST, Alexandru Croitor a scris:
> > On 9. Jun 2020, at 07:22, Bogdan Vatra <bogdan.vatra at kdab.com> wrote:
> > 
> > - is it possible to cross compile Qt in one go (just like we do with
> > qmake)?
> Could you clarify what you mean by "in one go"?
> If it's about building host tools as part of the cross-compilation, then no.
> You first have to build a desktop Qt, and re-use that host Qt installation
> for its tools, to cross-compile to another target.
> That's been one of the goals for Qt 6 regardless of build system, and has
> been communicated a while ago.

When I'm cross-compiling Qt for a Linux device, Android, ios, etc., qmake it's 
smart enough to build everything for me: host tools and the libs for that 
target in one go i.e. I type ./configure .. && make and it does all the magic 
for me.

How qt modules that have host & target libs will be built with cmake?

I'm using qmake for Qt6 when I'm doing Android work, also for this reason.
I don't want to build Qt twice just to use a "cool and superior" build system.

Just out of curiosity, can some pretty please remind me what are the 
advantages of using cmake to build Qt over qmake?
I'm not talking about Qt users, for them we should support all (major) build 
systems: qmake, cmake, meson, etc.


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