[Development] Switch the main "Qt Build System"

Joerg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at qt.io
Wed Jun 10 09:35:23 CEST 2020

On 6/10/20 4:39 AM, André Pönitz wrote:

>> Android multi-ABI is currently not implemented, and we don't plan to do it for
>> 6.0.
> Isn't Android support part of qtbase?

It is. Android multi-ABI is "building Qt for Android for multiple ABIs 
in one go" instead of "building Qt per ABI". The former was added to Qt 
5.14.0 and is not crucial to provide Android support.

> Do you think it is really necessary to remove the .pro files at once? Wouldn't
> just not using them for your CMake file generation already be enough for you
> to proceed?

The idea is to have one source of truth instead of two.
Right now we (CMake guys) consider the pro files to be the source. But 
people tend to make manual adjustments to the CMake files which creates 
extra work for re-generating them.

Another advantage of removing the pro files is: reduced CI build times.

When would be a convenient time for you to remove the qmake project 
files? We certainly don't want to keep them around forever.

>> Are you suggesting we somehow annotate the CMake part of the question? Like "we
>> guarantee you can build qtbase, qtdeclarative, qtquickcontrols2 with CMake with
>> SHAs X Y and Z? I'm not sure how useful that will be, given dev is constantly
>> moving forward.
> I think part of the issue would be avoided if the .pro file were not purged
> until CMake is a full replacement.

What's missing?



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